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Are you frustrated or confused by the FLOOD of successful, 

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Finally, a natural alternative cancer treatment consultant who's counseled over 1,100 people 

shows you how to make your way through the Internet JUNGLE and get what works for you.  



The seven most important things you must know about natural cancer therapy

The seven biggest mistakes you might make  

How to find the right therapy and natural care doctor/clinic/hospital for you

How to save yourself precious time, energy and money

The one true secret to success using natural cancer therapies that most people

       will overlook. Or, the 6 basic kinds of therapies you and your doctor must use.   




natural alternative cancer treatments therapy


78 proven

  natural alternative

 cancer treatments

 and remedies

  used worldwide.


                      The Time Has Come ....


   - Every cancer patient - and oncologist - must be 

     aware of these natural, alternative, non-toxic therapies 

     proven so successful over the years. 

   -  And yes, insurance companies must cover their 

      extremely low cost! 




 3 ways this website helps you with cancer:


  • If you are new to natural alternative cancer therapies, review these few pages carefully for a brief overview and introduction to the field of natural alternative cancer treatments in general.

  • Get the Free List of 78 of the world's most popular, inexpensive, natural cancer treatments. (click) Give a copy to every patient and doctor you know!

  • Take action: Order the inexpensive 45 page guide to using proven alternative cancer therapies - a complete user's manual based on what has worked for others. The cost is minimal.



  Fact:  Did you know that quietly behind the scenes, millions of 

people worldwide have successfully treated cancer since the 1920s

 using low cost, natural, alternative cancer treatments alone?

They are commonplace in 85 countries now ...... except the USA! 


Yes, since the 1920s.


   The Problem Is, the Public Never Hears Anything About all This!  Worse yet, conventional doctors 

 (MD Oncologists) are never taught anything about proven natural therapies in their medical schools. 

They're taught high-profit pharmaceutical drugs, radiation and surgery - period.  





Cancer's Grim Rise

 in the USA alone 


2013  1 in 3 *     

 1980:  1 in 7        

  1950:  1 in 12        

  1900:  1 in 100+ **


          * Per Nat. Cancer Inst. 

 * *  Conservative estimate






natural alternative cancer treatments therapy

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natural alternative cancer treatments therapy


Below is a small sample of the natural alternative treatments and therapies used daily worldwide.


Click for free details on 78 of the world's most popular.


AHCC mushroom


Beta Glucans 

Hoxsey therapy 



Curaderm BEC5®


Dr. Kelley Metabolic

Rife technology


GEIPE Treatment

Far infrared therapy

Laetrile (apricot pits)


... and far more


Click for details on the treatments above and 63 more.




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   Most Common

 Cancers Today:  


Lung, Prostate, Bladder, Bone, Brain, Breast, Cervical, Colon (colorectal), Endometrial,  Esophageal, Eye, Gall Bladder, Kidney, Leukemia,  Liver, Lung, Lymphoma, Melanoma, Multiple Myeloma, Metastatic, Mouth, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, Ovarian (ovarian cyst), Pancreatic, Penile,  Pituitary, Rectal, Sarcoma, Skin, Stomach, Testicular, Thyroid, Vaginal, Vulvar

     But finally, the Internet information explosion is forcing the powerful drugs-and-surgery cancer industry ("industry" is the right word) to change due to public pressure. Word is finally getting out. In fact, our new "problem" is information overload ... the kind of problem we are fortunate to have. 


If you are overwhelmed by it all take heart. There are many proven ways to save yourself long, hard hours searching for what will work for you or a loved one ... not to mention saving you and your family thousands of wasted dollars along the way. Order the inexpensive 45 page guide to the field of alternative cancer therapy for guidance. The information in it is based on what has worked for others around the world for decades.


The most frequently asked question.


As the former Director of Public information for a 25+ year old non-profit alternative cancer therapy research foundation, the author, talks to you about the question he has heard the most:  

"Is there an alternative or natural or 

holistic treatment that will work for me?" 



Virtually always the answer is yes.  And you don't need to be a trail blazer in the information jungle to find it. There are many places you can go today to quickly get expert guidance. You can get help finding sources by ordering the complete 45 page Guide.  For example, Professional Therapy Consultants (Did you know there was such a profession?) will research past success rates of both alternative and conventional treatments used worldwide for you. How to find them is contained in the inexpensive 45 page guide,



    Something You Must Know ... 


Former U.S. president Richard M. Nixon declared his "war on cancer" back in 1971. Since then, almost all of the of the staggering billions spent on cancer research in the USA has gone into finding new and improved versions of chemotherapy, surgery and radiation. To this day, inexpensive, time tested, natural therapies used successfully for decades around the world are not used  by the conventional medical system. (See partial list at left. Get free detailed list of the top 78 here


Why conventional doctors (MDs) don't 

use alternative cancer therapies


     In a word, fear. It may surprise you but these dedicated hard working people couldn't even if they wanted to. The tiny percentage of MDs who do know of their value do wish they could. But, they put themselves and their clinics/hospitals at great legal and professional risk unless they use radiation, surgery and drugs for cancer - period. 


natural alternative cancer treatments therapy   Medical politics at the state and federal level dictates what therapies 

your doctor can use - NOT his or her judgment as to what is best for you.

Not a happy message here, but this is the way of the world and you must face it. 

  • All MDs fear the powerful government regulatory agencies - state and especially federal. 

  • The FDA promotes only pharmaceutical drugs and has a decades-long record of not approving, or even looking at, anything alternative. Again ... the way of the world.

  • In medical lawsuits, well-meaning but misinformed juries rule against doctors unless they use conventional drugs, surgery and radiation. 

  • Doctor's malpractice insurance won't cover doctors if they use "FDA unapproved" alternatives. 

  • Their state medical boards may fine them heavily, suspend their license to practice or even revoke it.

  • The FDA may do the same and confiscate patient records and their medical equipment. 

  • Doctors may lose their right to visit their patients in hospitals.

  • the list goes on and on  ....

 Any or all of these serious problems can occur if an MD uses 

alternative cancer therapies - again, no matter how well they work

     Our sincere, hard working doctors do not want problems like these that can seriously damage or ruin their livelihoods and careers. In addition, conventional medical schools (MD degree) don't teach alternative treatments - only drugs, surgery and radiation. Cancer doctors know nothing about all the proven natural alternatives. Order the inexpensive 45 page guide for complete details for finding and using proven natural cancer therapies and people near you who can help you.




     Thanks to the Internet, growing public awareness of proven, low-cost, non-toxic, natural alternative cancer therapies is forcing the powerful, mega-billion dollar, drugs-and-surgery medical bureaucracy to cave in and start using them. Unfortunately this change will take place slowly over many years. People with cancer now must take independent action.  


     The message in this website is certainly NOT to abandon conventional medical care, but to show you how and where to quickly learn about alternative cancer medicines and therapies for the type of cancer concerning you. And, find the best alternative cancer therapy physicians nearest you familiar with them ... physicians brave enough to put the welfare of their patients first, not bureaucratic politics.


     Again, a low cost, hard-to-find, Guide (directory) through this politically complex field is now available in this website. It is kept inexpensive so all may afford it .Order the inexpensive 45 page report for complete details for using proven alternative (natural) cancer therapies.

    This 45 page Guide (Directory), prepared by alternative cancer therapy consultant Arthur C. Brown, gets you out of the information fog and shows you how to locate the right therapy options for your situation ... the best doctors, best books, CDs and DVDs, best therapies, best websites, best clinics, best hospitals etc. It allows you to find what will work for you. 


     As the former Director of Public Services for the Cancer Cure Foundation near Los Angeles, California and now a consultant in private practice, he has guided well over a thousand people through the confusing alternative cancer therapy information maze.


A Word about Natural Alternative Chemotherapy,

and yes there is such a thing.


Oncotox®, Haelan 951®,  Essiac, PolyMVA®, Oncolyn®, Graviola, Iscador® and Pau-d-Arco are just a few of the many effective, all-natural substitutes for dangerous, expensive and highly toxic chemotherapy. There are even more. Oncotox® alone has a proven 25 year history. Essiac®, 75+ years. Some term Graviola the perfect non-toxic natural chemotherapy.

     Find complete information on this in the inexpensive 45 page Internet Guide to this field (click to order). Use this guide to find simple, proven ways to save yourself an enormous amount of time, money and frustration buying books, searching the Internet, asking questions, making endless phone calls etc. 


     As a directory to the best of the best in the complex new (to the general public) field of alternative cancer therapy, this inexpensive new Guide offered here shows you how to quickly find the finest alternative treatments, doctors, products, medicines and clinics worldwide ... all based on what has worked for others over the years.



 Now, here's the most important thing you should 

know ... the one true secret to successfully treating

        cancer using alternative therapies:   


    Over the decades, alternative cancer treatment doctors and 

hospitals around the world have found you must use these 

six basic types of natural cancer treatments together . . . 

natural alternative cancer treatments therapy  Click here  for the 6 most important  types of natural alternative cancer treatments you must use together.


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