The ultimate vision of Alternative-Cancer.Net is:

“A Consultant’s guide to the best of the best on cancer treatment”

Our mission is:

“To support the delivery of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM Treatment) for anyone diagnosed with cancer and to develop a thorough CAM treatment curriculum and a research capability under a single integrated strategy”

Meeting demand, through the provision of massage services, by:

  1. Raising people’s awareness about cancers with updated information about health issues as well as tips to live with cancer or stay physically and mentally healthy.
  2. Providing knowledge regarding the use of complementary and alternative medicine in healthcare.
  3. Continuously improving our credibility, through research and surveys, by:
  • Conducting surveys with people diagnosed with cancer to identify their needs and changing patterns of needs in terms of different therapy approaches.
  • Conducting surveys on CAM treatment to understand how each approach works
  • Undertaking various approaches to evaluation and research with people diagnosed with cancer, massage therapists, and other relevant stakeholders to ensure the approaches to education and services remain current and relevant.

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