Raise Your Pancreatic Cancer Awareness: How To Prevent Pancreas Cancer

Raise Your Pancreatic Cancer Awareness: How To Prevent Pancreas Cancer

Around 2020, pancreatic cancer is expected to overtake lung cancer as the second biggest cause of cancer-related death in the United States. Every year, about 50,000 people in the United States die from pancreatic cancer, and more than 56,700 people are supposed to be diagnosed with the disease this year. Fortunately, if you are completely aware of the disease, there are steps you may do to prevent it. This article will show you the definition, cause, and how to prevent pancreas cancer.

What is pancreas cancer? 

Pancreatic cancer is a form of cancer that originates in the pancreas and spreads throughout the body. It starts when aberrant pancreatic cells multiply and divide uncontrollably, developing a tumor.

The pancreas is a tissue positioned between the stomach and the spine in the abdomen. It produces enzymes that aid digestion as well as hormones that regulate the level of sugar in the blood. Similar to other organs, the pancreas is made up of cells that divide to generate new cells when required. Cells are replaced by new cells when they age and die. However, sometimes this procedure may commit errors. New cells sprang up even if old cells haven’t died yet or the body does not require them. The excessive cells may form a layer of cells called a tumor.

how to prevent pancreas cancer

There are two types of tumors occurring in the pancreas. The first is benign, which does not spread throughout the body. Whereas, the second is malignant, referring to cancer. The cells can move to other body cells when they develop wildly.

There are some major areas that pancreatic cancer spreads to like the liver, abdomen, lungs, bones, and/or lymphatic vessels. 

Pancreatic cancer is rarely identified early on when it is the most treatable period. It infrequently presents symptoms until it has migrated to other organs. Furthermore, the pancreas’ position is difficult to identify, and people usually detect this disease in later stages of the disease.

What are the causes of pancreas cancer?

Symptoms of pancreas cancer

When pancreas cancer starts to grow, its symptoms are hard to detect. They are really subtle and easy to mistake for other diseases. According to some experts, the early signs of pancreas cancer include: 

  • Back discomfort
  • Appetite loss or loss of weight
  • Skin and the whites of eyes are changing into yellow color (jaundice)
  • Thrombosis (clots in the blood)
  • Exhaustion
  • Skin rashes
how to prevent pancreas cancer

Causes of pancreas cancer

  • Excessive tobacco usage 
  • Obesity with a lack of physical activity
  • Diabetes patients
  • Older people, over 65 year-olds people
  • Diabetic ketoacidosis, a disease that affects the pancreas.
  • Genetic component syndromes and family medical history

 How to prevent pancreas cancer? 

Pancreas cancer brings many negative effects to our health and is the cause of death for hundreds of people. How to prevent pancreas cancer? You can take these practical steps to reduce the risk of coming down with pancreatic cancer.

Give up smoking now

Stop smoking is the most effective pancreatic cancer prevention method. Do you know that smoking is associated with leading factors causing cancer? According to some studies, smokers have a twofold increased risk of pancreatic cancer compared to nonsmokers, and cigarette smoking is estimated to be the cause of a quarter of pancreatic cancers.

Give up smoking now

If you meet difficulties during the process of giving up smoking, see your doctor and ask for support groups, medications, and nicotine replacement therapy. 

Keep a positive body mass index (BMI)

Keep a positive body mass index (BMI)

Having a healthy weight is also a good answer to the question of how to prevent pancreatic cancer. For those who are already at a healthy weight, work out regularly and play sports to maintain. In case you need to reduce weight, strive for 0.5 to 1-kilogram weight loss every week. You can combine frequent activity with foods that fight pancreatic cancer like fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain products, as well as lower serving sizes.

Eat a balanced diet 

A diet rich in colorful fruits and vegetables, as well as healthy grains, may help lower your cancer risk.

Eat a balanced diet. 

For people diagnosed with diabetes or at old ages, choosing a pancreatic cancer diet may be a good choice. As the diet for pancreatic cancer often contains healthy fat like avocados, nuts, olive oil, and seeds, they are good for health and halt the development of malignant tissues. 

Arrange a time to do a check-up regularly

As mentioned before, pancreas cancer can be cured if you spot it in the early stage. So, how to prevent pancreas cancer is to check up and see a doctor on a regular basis. Especially if your family member is diagnosed with any kind of cancer, consult doctor advice about genetic counseling and testing. Your body may have gene mutations that are linked to cancer. In this case, the doctor will analyze your family’s cancer history and recommend genetic testing. 

Arrange a time to do a check-up regularly

If you are a carrier of cancer cells, some screened methods for pancreatic cancer like blood testing or other technologies are taken to detect the symptoms at the most curable stage. 

Final thought

Some people are still subjective and underestimate pancreatic cancer despite its tremendous bad effects on health. We hope that you can raise your awareness of this disease and know how to prevent pancreas cancer. Pay attention to your daily routine to live healthily and stay away from any kind of cancer. Wish you happiness and health.


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